Top 5 Reasons for a Cat Scratching Furniture

Do you perceive your kitten to be a cute-looking monster – out to get your furniture? Is your couch disheveled, torn and damaged beyond repair? If yes, welcome to the world of cat-lovers – where owners adore their furry friends but seem confused and irritated with cat behavior. So, what we know about cats scratching furniture?

Why do cats keep scratching furniture? Well there is no proper answer to this query; however, veterinarians narrowed the possibilities to the following five causes.

1. Communication

The most widely believed purpose of cat scratching is to communicate. Cats have scent glands in various parts of their body including the tip of their nails. By scratching they are communicating – leaving some of their scent behind for other cats or their humans to decipher. Or it could mean a simple note saying, “Hey, it’s me and in case you didn’t notice – I’m alive and well.”

2. To issue territorial warnings

Another intention for cat scratching could mean a way of issuing territorial warnings. Animals mark their favorite spots through a variety of ways to show possessiveness – in the case of your kittens, it could mean scratching furniture. Occasionally, your cat would scratch your favorite things too, to show solidarity or demonstrate its love for you.

3. Exercise their muscles

According to veterinarians, cat scratching furniture is not a bad idea after all! Most kittens are known to flex their muscles and develop their bones through scratching. A recent survey reported that only 12% of cats who were allowed to scratch suffered from deformed bones and weak physique.

To save your couches, vets recommend cat training programs. You can buy cat scratch posts and scratchers sprayed with cat nip to divert your cats away from your furniture. Thus, you’ll be the proud owner of a happy cat.

4. The feel-good factor

Cats use scratching as a de-stressing factor. Imagine yourself at a beauty salon getting your fingers manicured…pleasurable activity, right? Ditto with your kittens! Cat behavior is characterized by a great deal of melancholy, grievances and frustration due to one or more causes. They give vent to their feelings by indulging in a little scratching therapy – that makes them feel good about themselves.
Order a wonderful cat scratcher post for your kittens and watch them bounce around their new toy and forget all about your furniture.

5. Sharpen their nails

Though cats do not bother about sharpening their nails as much as they bother about cleaning them, they still love having a go at their favorite divan set to give their claws a thorough massage!

A simple solution to avoid cat scratching furniture: Buy a scratcher

Buy a cat scratch post from your nearest retail store or order a scratcher online. Going by many reviews from customers who’ve bought their cats a fancy cat tree, the best way to distract your cat would be to invest in a good quality cat tree toy and indulge in some handy cat training.

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