Top 5 Factors to Consider when Buying Scratching Posts for Cats

Cats are wonderful and adorable pets to have; nevertheless, people are wary of choosing them as companions within the house, courtesy, the furniture scratching behavior. Although veterinarians have recommended several products to avoid scratching problems in your kittens, the most popular cat training tool remains the scratching posts for cats.

However, what features must you consider while buying a scratching post for your cat? Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

1. Must be sturdy and stable.

Cats spend a lot of energy while scratching and they hate furniture that wobbles and cannot stay upright during the scraping process. Thus, they would not be interested in a cat scratch post that shakes as your kitten grazes with gusto. If you want to save your wooden furniture, we suggest buying a scratch post that remains sturdy and firm (preferably with a strong base support).

The strength consideration depends on the weight of your kitten and its cat behavior. If you have a huge Ragdoll cat that enjoys swinging about, we suggest going for really tough scratch posts.

2. Must have a good height.

Veterinarians recommend a cat post that extends to at least 25 inches for your kittens to stretch on. Using a scratch post for cat training must satisfy all their physical necessities so that they forget about alternative scratch sites such as your couch.

As such, a good height is a prerequisite. Your scratch post must be considerable tall to allow your cats to flex their muscles and scratch with enthusiasm.

3. Must be built of sisal wood fabric or corrugated cardboard.

The material of the scratch posts for cats also plays a huge consideration while choosing one. Your preferred choice must ideally be sisal wood, which is a natural scratch-stimulator. Many customers with sisal wood scratch posts have noted in their review that their cats are in love with the post and rarely leave it.

Another option would be the corrugated wood – a popular choice thanks to its density and the fact that it seldom leaves frayed ends dangling about.

4. Must be compact, lightweight and portable.

Many cat owners are known to keep shifting their cat trees from place to place searching for the ‘one’ favorite location that their cats never leave the cat post alone. Believe us or not, cats are fickle-minded animals and respond well to constant changes in the milieu rather than a monotonous surrounding.

Thus, your ideal scratch post for cats should be lightweight, easy to assemble and install and comfortable to shift around.

5. Complimentary cat nips are an add-on.

In case your cat does not take to the scratch posts for cats that you buy, a complimentary cat nip powder would be wonderful. All you have to do is spray the powder on the scratch post and watch your cat become fascinated with its new toy!

All in all, the perfect scratching posts for cats you order must have all these advantages, be reasonably priced and must probably (at least) outlive your cat! Your cats are your best friends and clearly, deserve the best cat scratch posts in the market. Hence, choose with care.

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