Choosing the right Kitty Scratching Post may help protect your Furniture

There are many choices when it comes to kitty scratching post and these can help prevent your kitten or cat from attempting to sharpen his or her claws on your furniture. Not every kitty scratching post will be effective for every cat. They can be made out of various materials and it is a good idea to search for models that feature tough durable materials that will stand up to the abuse a cat will put through when playing and sharpening their claws. Looks may be important to consider as well and finding the best looking model that your cats will enjoy will help keep your home looking beautiful.

With all the kitty scratching posts that are available you may choose to buy them at almost any retail store or web site that sells pet supplies. You may need to watch your cat’s behavior and even help train them to use the kitty scratching post if they seem confused or even indifferent to its presence. Cat behavior varies from cat to cat and some cats will begin using a new post within hours of it being set up where other cats will take time to adjust to new additions to their living spaces.

Your veterinarian may recommend a particular model or brand that he or she has found to be particularly effective at helping improve cat behavior. You will also want to make sure that the model you choose is sturdy and will not be prone to tipping over every time your kitten or cat jumps on top of it. These may become favorite places for cats to play and some will even like perching on the tops of kitty scratching posts. They are often more effective when they are introduced to your kitten at a young age and older cats will more likely need cat training lessons so to speak.

Choosing a long lasting and durable kitty scratching post will help you save money in the end as well. There are several new models you can buy that feature cat scratching materials that will not shed throughout your home. These newer models may also be easy to assembly as well making it quick and easy to have your kitty scratching post available for your kittens to use. Taking the time to look at a review or even a few from previous cat lovers who have used the kitty scratching post you may be interested in will give you some idea how satisfied others cat owners and their pets have been with this particular scratching post.

Cat behavior will be different from cat to cat but they all like to scratch and sharpen their claws. Taking the time to give your pet the proper cat training will help the two of you get along for years to come. Kitty scratching posts should be researched to make sure you are buying the best product for both you and your pet. When you find the right kitty scratching post it will help prevent future problems between you and your kitten when it comes down to scratching your favorite piece of furniture.

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