10 Handy Tips to Stop Cat Scratching

Scratching is an integral form of cat behavior. Please remember, your kittens are not at war with your antique furniture. They indulge in scratching to de-stress themselves, as an exercise and simply because scraping things up are natural feline habits.

Veterinarians say you’ll never ‘stop cat scratching’ but if follow the steps mentioned below you can ensure that your cats / kittens do not harm your furniture.

1. Keep their nails blunt.

Trimming your cat’s nails ensure that the damage produced due to scratching furniture is at a bare minimum.

2. Order a scratching post exclusively for your kitten.

The best cat training process to stop cat scratching is to buy a scratch post for your furry friend. You might want to order a recliner-cum-scratch post thanks to the effectiveness of the product in drawing your kittens’ attention.

3. Make sure your cat uses the scratch post.

Sprinkle the cat nip powder on the scratch post. According to select customer reviews, putting up a cat-toy on the scratch post is also a wonderful means to lure your kittens towards the cat scratch post.

4. Help your kitten associate happy times near the scratch post.

Your kitten must feel at ease near the scratch post – it would be beneficial to make sure that your cats associate good times with the scratch post and goes there to alleviate its emotional stress (yes, cats do suffer from melancholy sometimes). Thus, try keeping your cat joyful near the scratch post.

5. Squirt water when your cat scratches furniture.

Shooting a jet of water (do not drench your cat) on your kitten when it attacks your furniture is another option of keeping your cats away from interior décor. It won’t be too late before your cat automatically relates scratching the furniture to getting soaked up with water – and refrain from touching your sofa-sets! Problem solved!

6. Keep furniture covered with plastic sheets.

This method does not completely protect your furnishing from getting scratched. However, keeping furniture covered is an important part of cat training. Somehow, the plastic sheets on the furniture will turn off your kittens and they’ll find solace in their scratch post.

7. Indulge in outdoor activity.

True, no one’s ever heard of ‘walking your cat’; however, some light outdoor activity in the backyard might keep your furry friend in best spirits. There is nothing better than a bout of fresh air to enhance cat behavior.

8. Communicate effectively.

Use your tone of voice to the best effect. Animals do have a fair comprehension of what is being said by their human. A sharp ‘No’ when your kitten proceeds to scrape her favorite armchair is all she needs to back off!

9. Show patience and understanding – it may take time to wean your cat off your furniture.

Natural habits die hard; if they are natural instincts, they die harder! Your cat is no different. It will always take a considerable amount of time before your cat finds the scratch post as a suitable substitute for your furniture. Until then, calm down and wait.

10. Keep the doors closed – if you have special furniture in a room.

All said and done, the best way to stop your cat scratching your exotic furniture, keep the doors shut!

Taking care of your interior décor with a cat in the house is a challenge – we do agree. However, following the above steps you can effectively indulge in cat training and save your furniture.

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