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Cute catThey aren’t always sitting nice and cute like this are they? Are you fed up of your cat clawing at your furniture? Have you lost most of your security deposit thanks to the scratch-marks on wooden furnishing left behind by your kittens? If you answer yes to these (and most cat owners will!), it is time to invest in a Scratching Post to avoid the tiresome cat behavior of scratching.

They are readily available at reasonable rates in department stores and can be bought through an online order too.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post – Product Specification Review

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post weighs around 16 pounds and extends to a height of 35 inches. It has a durable body that can be assembled easily and a robust base that eliminates any risk of the post getting topped down. The product is constructed using fibrous sisal wood that is known to be a natural scratching motivator. The earthy shade of the post ensures complete compatibility with your décor.

Has a Wonderful Height Extension

With the SmartCat scratching post measuring up to 35 inches in height, it not only provides the cat good scratch material but also provokes the cat to stretch and reach to the top. This, say veterinarians, will do young kittens a lot of good as it helps their muscles tone and develop. Moreover, your kitten will absolutely love perching on top of it.

Roomy with a lot of climb space

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is huge enough for two or more cats to comfortably use it together. The post has enough room for marking territories and scratching in peace without getting into squabbles.

Sturdy base that can take on complete load

Customers with Ragdoll cats (they are quite a huge breed) cannot stop raving in their user review, about the ability of the scratch post to stay unperturbed despite the regular swinging around. Built with very high load-carrying capabilities and extremely durable in nature, you can stay sure that this post will outlive your cat!

Built with the fibrous sisal wood

There are two advantages to the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post being built with sisal wood. One, the fiber does not wear easily and can last for years altogether without showing much fraying at the ends. Two, sisal wood is a naturally appealing material for kittens to scratch.

Gels well with any décor

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post comes at an earthy shade of brown and beige. It thus, looks fabulous and stylish and matches well with any interior design genre. You will ultimately find out that not only your cats love the scratching post you buy; your guests will tend to admire it too!

Con – Cats might appear disinterested initially!

Your kitten may take time to get used to the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post at first. But customers have demonstrated several tricks like putting cat-toys on top, keeping treats on the upper crown, leaving the cat post in places that are more prone to scratches to lure your cat towards the post. Ultimately, once you successfully complete the cat training and get them hooked on to the post, they reportedly never leave it at all. Rest assured, your furniture will soon be forgotten.

You can order the product on online stores and avail of discounted prices. Trust us – once you buy the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, your kittens are going to forget about your exquisite wooden furniture for good! Elegant, large enough for your cats and recommended by veterinarians everywhere, this scratching post is definitely a must buy!